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    UPDATE - June 30 - Rosters Current!

    All rosters have been updated as of 6/30/2020 - 1:00 PM

    All scores are current that I have received - if a score is missing - umpire hasn't turned in the score to me yet. - Kyto

    Message from League President - Danny Story (Updated 6.29.2020)

    Hello softball family...

    It has come to our attention that a player that participated in the Familia tournament has tested positive for Covid through a rapid test, and is awaiting final results. The player has not been in contact with the league since saturday night of the tournament and has self quarantined! In a addition the 2 teams that he played on are aware and those that came in close contact as well.

    We are taking the following steps....

    The Divas and Special Forces games for this week are postponed for now. ALL players that played in the tournament for the Banditos and Special Forces will NOT be allowed back to the park without providing me with a negative test! A great number of these players have already been tested.

    Social Distancing was followed for the most part as it pertains to other teams interaction, but if you feel you were in close contact with those two teams we recommend you get tested but cannot force you. We feel that an outdoor activity with temperatures above 90 degrees does not provide a breeding ground, but want players to be aware for there own well being.

    If your league teams needs extra pickups during this time of wondering, we have no problem with that, as the captains should not as well!

    In closing I would like to point out, as soon as the league found out this was a possibility, a SF player removed himself from the field and they did not play there game that night. (last Thursday)

    Games will be condensed this week, stay tuned for that... And please, DO NOT panic, this is fairly routine during these times.


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